Kelling Brings Our Innovative Fleet to Highways UK 2021

Kelling Group Access Hire Highway

Kelling has had a stellar run of trade show appearances in recent months, and we’re excited to add yet another prestigious event to the list – Highways UK. 

It is the undisputed highlight on the highway industry’s annual calendar, bringing together countless experts and suppliers for a huge, multi-stream exhibition. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th November, at the NEC Hall in Birmingham.

Both Welfare Hire and Access Hire will be exhibiting

Highways is one the core infrastructure sectors we work with at Kelling, ensuring transient and fast-moving projects have access to the vehicles they need without compromising on quality. So we are bringing both of our key brands to the event.

Kelling Group Welfare Hire Units

Welfare Hire will be exhibiting our range of innovative ECO Tower Lights and ECO Mobile Welfare Units – including the brand new EcoXLi. These products offer a variety of benefits for highway projects, optimising sustainable site setup, improving both worksite comfort and environmental impact. And our Tower Lights enable you to work 24/7 with the brightest and greenest solution in the market.

Kelling Group Access Hire Units

Access Hire will be exhibiting our industry-leading Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms, designed to provide the optimal safety solution for working at heights. For highways projects, reliable service and quality is vital to ensure your project is completed safely, on time and on budget.

We look forward to connecting with key partners in this vital industry and hearing from experts on important topics like sustainability. But most of all, we look forward to demonstrating what our innovative fleet can do for highways projects.

Why You Should Never Compromise on Lighting Hire


Keeping your worksite functional during the darker months can be surprisingly difficult. As the days get shorter, many construction projects struggle to stay safe and on schedule. Yet all too often, contractors still look to compromise on their lighting units. 

Opting for cheap lighting may appear a net saving, but it can create more problems than it solves. In this article, we’ll explore three ways this can happen.

Three reasons to hire the best lighting towers

1. Reduce emissions

Environmental impact is an increasingly central consideration for construction projects, but traditional electric lighting is often hugely inefficient, draining energy and leading to huge CO2 emissions.

Because they run on hybrid power, our lighting towers reduce emissions by roughly 94% compared to standard units. They use smart telematics to ensure they are run efficiently, optimising utilisation and smart working. And by saving fuel, they also reduce the running costs of your lighting units dramatically.

2. Maintain brightness

When businesses opt for environmentally friendly solutions, they often compromise on performance. Many ‘eco’ lighting towers produce lower quality, dim light. Contractors are forced to choose between effective lighting and reducing emissions. 

With our ECO Lighting Towers, you can have both. Our superior Lithium battery hybrid technology ensures you can maintain 6x super bright LED heads – all whilst reducing your environmental impact. So, why compromise when you can have the brightest and greenest solution in the market?

3. Minimise refills

Lighting units often require regular maintenance, meaning you are refuelling them at regular intervals – creating extra labour and operational costs with potential project downtime. 

Our lighting towers are built with an extraordinary energy system that makes use of hybrid battery technology. This means they can run uninterrupted for huge lengths of time – up to 965 hours per refill, in the case of the X-Eco Hybrid.

Never settle for second best

At Kelling, we believe compromising on quality always ends in losses. That’s why we’ve spent years building the UK’s largest and most technologically advanced fleet – to ensure none of our clients ever have to settle for second best.

If you are looking to improve the operability, efficiency and profitability of your project as we enter the darker months, get in touch today to discover what our innovative, eco-friendly lighting towers could do for you.

How the ECOXLi Can Help Solve Construction Contractors’ Biggest Challenges

In recent weeks, we’ve been thrilled to unveil our new ECO mobile welfare unit – the ECOXLi. It is the largest mobile welfare unit on the market, featuring a host of innovative features.

Such innovation is sorely needed in the construction industry – not just because the industry has significantly underinvested in innovation in recent years, but because contractors now face challenges for which innovation can provide the best possible solutions.

In this article, we explore three ways the EcoXLi can help solve the toughest challenges construction contractors currently face:

1. The ECOXLi helps projects go green

Many contractors and construction businesses are currently struggling to improve their environmental impact in line with the Government’s tough new targets. Not only is there a legal and moral incentive – there is also a clear financial one, as we explored in a recent blog.

All of our mobile welfare units are geared towards significant improvements in sustainability. The ECOXLi simply takes this and runs with it. 

The ECOXLi utilises cutting-edge eco-friendly technology – including next generation lithium batteries and full solar technology – making it the most eco-efficient welfare unit you will find. 

It even features an intelligent auto system for full telemetry – helping ensure power is used in the most efficient way possible.

2. The ECOXLi helps you solve the HGV driver shortage

The UK workforce is chronically short of HGV drivers. According to recent data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC),  there are more than 100,000 vacant HGV driver roles in the UK – the largest shortage of any profession. 

Where most welfare units require a HGV delivery to site, we deliver the ECOXLi directly using our own ULEZ towing fleet. We provide our own highly skilled and reliable divers, facilitating unbeatable flexibility whenever you need your unit to be picked up. 

Ultimately, the ECOXLi solves the HGV driver shortage by making HGVs unnecessary, providing a more reliable and timely service whilst drastically reducing the carbon footprint for delivery and collection.


3. The ECOXLi comes with more reliable and flexible service

As our recent research shows, a huge number of construction projects struggle to stay on budget and schedule – with a majority taking 20% longer than intended. 

Much of this can be the result of poor supplier relations: a third of project failures result from poor communication, and experts have argued that closer supplier relations – along with increased project flexibility – are key to remedying the sector’s challenges.

At Welfare Hire, we pride ourselves on providing market leading service that breeds exactly this kind of close partnership – enabling projects to be more flexible and efficient. With the ECOXLi, we ensure the vehicles are highly available and accessible. So, your project can run smoothly – with absolutely no delays.

Introducing Three Innovative Features of the ECOXLi

XL Mobile Welfare Unit

The construction industry has a profound responsibility to help combat climate change. With roughly 10% of the UK’s CO₂ emissions resulting directly from construction activities, it is time to act. But a notorious lack of innovation in the industry makes it difficult for contractors and their projects to make such positive changes. 

Our recently released next generation ECO mobile welfare unit is designed specifically with this in mind. It features a variety of innovative features, which will help improve the efficiency, environmental impact and bottom line of your construction site.

Here are three of its most exciting features:

1. Smart ECO Power

In an ideal world, we’d let every customer come and test out our welfare unit in person – that direct experience has always been a big part of our customer service. 

But let’s be honest: we don’t live in an ideal world right now, and that means we need to find new ways of showing our customers exactly what it is they’re hiring. 

We pride ourselves on having the largest, most modern and innovative fleet of mobile welfare units in the UK, so it’s only fitting that we solve the problems COVID has presented in an equally innovative way. 

2. Smart Water

Sustainable water use is an increasingly vital topic for construction businesses, with 2.2 billion people worldwide living without access to safe water. But saving water is not simply a matter of social and environmental responsibility – there is also a powerful business case for it.

The ECOXLi is the most water efficient mobile welfare unit you will find. Its Smart Water system uses 100% recycled rainwater, with a XXL non-chemical water tank. or stores unnecessary quantities of water. And because of its size, the system needs to be serviced less frequently – reducing transportation costs and emissions whilst optimising onsite WC and wash facilities.

Ultimately, the Smart Water system enables the ECOXLi to provide the absolute best hygiene and wellbeing on the market – with XL hot water sinks and ECO Water Flush toilets in two full-size separate WCs.

3. Smart Telemetry

Too often, eco-friendly technology is built without a thought to the end-user. But we understand that not every site worker has the time to make sense of complicated new equipment, so we’ve designed the ECOXLi to be supremely user-friendly. 

Its Smart Telemetry system features a live dashboard, making it simple to manage the welfare unit for optimal utilisation. This enables real-time monitoring, as well as providing live volumetric data for your sites and projects. And in combination with the ECOXLi’s Smart auto system, it means you will get the optimal value out of your water and power system. 

Its Smart Telemetry system features a live dashboard, making it simple to manage the If you would like to learn more about how the ECOXLi could improve your site, click here to get in touch today.