Access Hire Celebrates 15 Years Driving Industry Innovation

Blog-August 19, 2022

When Access Hire was founded in 2007, there was a clear strategic goal: to build a specialist, market-leading operation with the largest and most modern fleet, accompanied by the best-in-class service

As each new long-term customer partnership developed and became stronger, our fleet expanded. Access Hire’s focused approach has resulted in the business becoming the UK’s largest VMAP long-term hire and lease specialist.

This year marks 15 years since it all began. In recognition of that significant milestone, we wanted to take a look back at some of our key achievements.


Great products speak for themselves

Since the beginning, Access Hire has prided itself on continual investment and having the most modern and innovative fleet in the UK. This is proven by the fact that over the last 15 years, our fleet has grown from less than 100 vehicles to over 1,300 today, with an average age of fewer than 2.5 years. 

We have continually reinvested in improving our fleet and service. This has enabled us to deliver better, more reliable products for our clients consistently – and that level of quality simply does not go unnoticed.

We opt for high specification as standard for every single one of our clients, and provide 24/7 support across the entire hire.

And by augmenting our core van-mounted fleet with more specialised equipment (such as 4x4s and pole erection units), we can meet client’s needs across a wide range of sectors – from telecoms and local authorities to street lighting and power.

Here is our latest product review video of the 3.5t Renault Master.

Investing in people pays dividends

Throughout our journey, we have consistently put our people front and centre – whether that’s recruiting great employees and nurturing their talents, or building long-term relationships with our growing customer base.

We have always focused on being a true specialist in our chosen field, who can advise and help our clients. We are a specialist, not a generalist provider which affords our clients many benefits.

We are able to provide truly detailed, expert advice and support to our clients in many ways, including, inter alia, asset selection, the benefits of long-term hire vs lease, regulatory compliance, servicing and breakdown, and asset management. Our one-stop-shop, fully outsourced offering is unmatched, providing clients peace of mind and continuity of operations.


Innovation is never finished

The last few years have demonstrated that there is never a limit to innovation.

With the size of our fleet and workforce rapidly growing, the decision to move to a larger site was required to allow further growth.

This investment was made in 2018, through a new 50,000sq ft HQ and primary depot located in Normanton, surrounded by major transport links allowing for accurate and reliable nationwide deliveries.

By 2021, Access Hire boasted the country’s largest fleet of access vehicles and was widely seen as an industry leader in service and quality, and expertise for long-term VMAP hire.

This has been further augmented with the launch of Access Lease in 2021. Access Lease is a market-leading, fully inclusive, and maintained solution, allowing customers protection against financial uncertainty by locking into a long-term fixed price contract.

Thanks to our continuous investment resulting in a robust pipeline of new assets with agreed delivery times, our Access Lease proposition allows our customers to beat the current long lead times with access to brand-new, market-leading vehicles.

 Over the last twelve months, the company has added over 300 new vehicles to its fleet. As we continue to innovate and invest in our fleet, the total number in the fleet will grow to over 1,400 by the end of this year.

Never settle for second best

It has always been central to our ethos that truly great companies never compromise.

So, as we look back on everything we’ve achieved with our clients and within the Access team over the last 15 years we say thank you, and here is to making the next 15 even better!