How Telecommunications Projects Benefit From Leasing Access Vehicles

Blog-December 7, 2022

With the government’s pledge to make gigabit-broadband available to 99% of the UK by 2030¹, the telecommunications industry is among the fastest growing sectors in the country . But how can they ensure projects are completed on time, at a high quality – without breaking their budget?

The answer is by leasing their key strategic equipment, like vehicle mounted access platforms. Not only does it enable better budgeting – it helps improve your overall output. 

Here are three ways leasing vehicle mounted access platforms benefits telecommunications projects:

1. Avoid waste

Buying strategic equipment outright is often seen as the best way to grow: you own the vehicle and don’t have to pay for it on your next project. But this overlooks two facts.

First, not every project requires the same equipment. This means many companies end up shackled with expensive equipment they often don’t use – and therefore may not end up being worth the initial investment.

More importantly, though, your vehicle quickly racks up mileage. At the end of a long project, companies often find themselves left with an old and unreliable vehicle which they cannot afford to replace.

2. Access better quality equipment

Buying vehicle mounted access platforms outright is very expensive. This incentivises companies to opt for cheaper models – or workaround alternatives that make working on a project more difficult.

Rather than landing yourself with a sub-par vehicle mounted access platform – or forcing your team to do ladder work – leasing allows you to use the best, most innovative VMAPs on the market. Not only does this improve your output – it boosts team morale.

3. Reduce the barrier to entry

Some companies simply cannot afford to take on telecoms projects – however lucrative they might be – because strategic equipment is too expensive and the maintenance costs involved can rack up a large bill. Leasing helps them reduce the costs through fully inclusive maintenance and creating a low, fixed cost payment schedule that works with their limited budget.

As a result, the barrier to entry is considerably lower. Companies can work on larger projects than they otherwise might be able to, and benefit from the rapid growth of telecoms projects over the coming years.

Vehicle Mounted Access Platform Safety

How Access Hire helps

Telecoms projects tend to have fixed lengths, and each contractor and company will have their own specific requirements. Access Hire works with every customer to tailor contracts that suit their needs and ensure they get a leasing contract that works for them.

Every lease features all-inclusive service and maintenance, to boost your uptime and keep your project running. So you never have to worry about technical problems, and can focus on hitting your deadlines.