Celebrating Clean Air Day with Our Continued Commitment to Sustainability

Blog-June 20, 2024

As a pioneering provider of eco-friendly towable welfare units, Kelling Group is proud to lead the way in leveraging advanced technology to minimise our environmental impact.

Sustainability is at the heart of our company’s ethos, complementing our other core pillars: Environment, Value, Wellbeing, Quality, and Service. By integrating these principles, we ensure a balanced and responsible approach to our operations.

eco toilet welfare unit

Quote from our CEO

“Our commitment to harnessing the latest technology for eco-friendly solutions stems from a deep responsibility towards the environment. We believe it is our duty to minimise our footprint in the infrastructure sector. Therefore, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of sustainable development.” – Stephen Moore, CEO, Kelling Group.

A significant milestone in Kelling Group’s environmental journey is our independent carbon verification by Sustainable Advantage. This certification highlights our proactive efforts to reduce carbon emissions and reinforces our transparent commitment to achieving substantial environmental benefits.

Our welfare units are designed with sustainability at their core, incorporating innovations such as low-emission energy sources, efficient water use systems, and environmentally friendly materials. These features not only contribute to cleaner air but also promote overall sustainability in the communities where these facilities are utilised.

In alignment with Clean Air Day’s objectives, we celebrate our accomplishments while reaffirming our pledge to lead by example in the infrastructure sector. By embedding environmental considerations into every facet of our operations, we aim to inspire other companies to adopt similar practices, fostering a culture of sustainability across the industry.

By addressing the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation through our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, we are enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

For more information about Welfare Hire’s eco-friendly welfare facilities and our sustainability initiatives, please click here.