Celebrating Net Zero Week: Highlighting Welfare Hire’s Eco-Friendly Units

Blog-July 8, 2024

Net Zero Week is a time to reflect on the steps we are taking towards a sustainable future. At Kelling Group, we understand that achieving net zero emissions is a collective effort. It involves people from all walks of life—policy makers, business owners, energy professionals, and technologists—working together to make impactful changes. Let’s look at why we are celebrating Net Zero Week.

As part of this commitment, we are excited to share our achievements in sustainability, particularly through our Welfare Hire ECO brand. Environmental responsibility is one of our core pillars, and we continuously strive to lead by example in the industry.

Our Environmental Commitment to Net Zero

In the modern business world, it’s never been more crucial to stay environmentally conscious. That’s why at Kelling Group, we take our clean and green responsibilities seriously. Our Welfare Hire ECO brand is the UK’s leading provider of high-quality, eco-friendly welfare units. Our top-of-the-range site welfare equipment is equipped with next-generation technology, including:

Solar Panels: Harnessing renewable energy to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

CO₂ Reduction Systems: Minimising carbon emissions to help combat climate change.

Fuel Saving Systems: Cutting-edge technology to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce waste.

Additionally, we regularly renew our Access Hire fleet to ensure we provide the most fuel-efficient vehicles for the job. Our range now also includes the UK’s first all-electric van mounted MEWP. This commitment helps us achieve up to 15% lower CO₂ emissions from our eco range.

We are also excited to introduce our Welfare Van Zero, a 100% electric van designed for low-emission zones and cities. This innovative vehicle supports our partners in meeting their ESG requirements with:

Zero Emissions: Eliminating emissions and reducing noise pollution, helping to achieve net-zero goals and minimize total CO₂ emissions.

Silent Running: Reducing noise pollution and minimizing impact in urban environments, making it ideal for city operations.

Welfare Zero Van

Reducing Waste Through Refurbishment

Another significant aspect of our eco footprint is our dedication to reducing waste. Our welfare units are not sent to landfill after their initial use. Instead, they are refurbished to an extremely high standard, extending their lifecycle and minimizing unnecessary waste. We are very proud of this sustainable practice. Between a brand new unit and a refurbished one, visually, there is no difference – both meet our high standards of quality and functionality. The fundamental difference lies in our commitment to sustainability and our journey towards net zero emissions.

Join us in Celebrating Net Zero Week

Net Zero Week is about people taking action. At Kelling Group, we are committed to playing our part by continuously innovating and integrating sustainable practices into our operations. We believe that by working together, we can achieve a greener future.

Carbon Verified

Additionally, we are proud to announce that our carbon footprint has been independently verified by Sustainable Advantage, marking an important step in our journey towards net zero.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards Net Zero.

For more information about Welfare Hire’s eco-friendly welfare facilities and our eco initiatives, please click here.