Welfare Hire’s Commitment to Sustainability

Blog-June 5, 2024

Celebrating World Environment Day with Carbon Verification

At Welfare Hire Nationwide, there is an environmental focus at the heart of what we do, every day. As we acknowledge and celebrate this World Environment Day, we are proud to have our independent carbon verification by Sustainable Advantage. This achievement emphasises our dedication to sustainability, a core pillar alongside value, wellbeing, quality, and service.

The Significance of Independent Carbon Verification

Achieving independent carbon verification is a testament to our proactive approach to environmental responsibility. This process involves rigorous assessment of our carbon footprint, ensuring transparency and accountability in our sustainability practices. Being verified by Sustainable Advantage, a respected authority in environmental auditing, enhances our credibility and sets a benchmark for the industry.

Central to our sustainability efforts is the development of the ECOXi Welfare Unit. This innovative unit is designed to minimise environmental impact while providing high-quality welfare facilities for construction and infrastructure projects.

Find out more about the ECOXi Welfare Unit.

At Welfare Hire Nationwide, we have over 3,000 assets with an average age of 2.5 years making it the largest and most modern fleet of mobile ECO welfare and lighting units in the market. Our welfare range is unique in design, build and specification with the following innovative ECO specification as standard.

Smart ECO Power – Hybrid battery/solar with auto/start stop technology to optimise fuel reduction and silent, green running. Our ECOXLi, ECOXi and ECOWC2 run 100% from solar and lithium resulting in zero carbon and zero fuel.

Smart ECO Water – All of our units use an XL central water tank and system with 3-4 times more capacity, hot water on the ready and non-chemical, water-flush WCs for optimum hygiene and modern wash facilities. This eliminates automatic weekly services, saving you time, money and transport risk & carbon. The ECOXLi, ECOXi and ECOWC2 also have rainwater harvesting and average 1 service every 10 weeks.

Towable – All of our units are towed by our own drivers and fleet of ULEZ pickups and have hydraulics to set down in seconds. Low cost, low carbon next-day delivery with no HGV/RAMs transport for the most agile placement and mobility onsite for transient work and difficult access.

Smart ECO Telemetry – We provide project volumetric data so you can track the benefits and savings on fuel, carbon emissions and costs, plus transport, servicing and fuel risk. The ECOXLi, ECOXi and ECOWC2 all have a digital portal for live and historical asset mgmt. and reporting.

The Broader Impact

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond product innovation. By integrating environmentally responsible practices into every aspect of our operations, we are helping to drive the construction and infrastructure sectors towards a more sustainable future. This includes reducing waste, optimising resource use, and continuously seeking new ways to minimise environmental impact.

As the world acknowledges the importance of environmental management on World Environment Day, our achievements serve as a reminder of the critical role businesses play in fostering a sustainable future. Our commitment to our core pillars—value, wellbeing, quality, and service—ensures that we deliver exceptional products and services without compromising our environmental responsibilities.

Welfare Hire’s independent carbon verification by Sustainable Advantage and the introduction of the ECOXi Welfare Unit highlight our leadership in sustainability. By prioritising environmental responsibility, we set a powerful example for the industry, proving that it is possible to achieve operational excellence while safeguarding our planet for future generations.