Four Best Vehicle Mounted Access Platform Practices To Improve Your Worksite Safety

Blog-October 21, 2022

Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms (VMAPs) are essential for most infrastructure projects, enabling you to work at heights safely. But in order to make the most of them, contractors must ensure their workers know exactly how to operate their equipment. 

As market leading providers of Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms for hire and lease, we at Access Hire feel a duty to help our partners make the most of their vehicles. That’s why we created this instructional video for the 5.2T – 14.5M VMAP:

Following these best practices will improve your worksite in at least four ways:

1. Prevent damage and malfunction

Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms need to be carefully maintained to avoid damage or malfunction. If the vehicle is compromised, it can result in delays to your project and repair costs that eat into your budget.

The best way to keep your vehicles in proper condition is following a careful series of checks on each Vehicle Mounted Access Platform before using it. This will ensure the vehicle and platform operate correctly and are safe for use. Here at Access Hire, vehicles go through a rigorous 50-point pre-delivery inspection ensuring your vehicle arrives road-ready.


2. Keep workers safe

Onsite safety is a huge priority for any contractor – especially when employees are working at heights. Following correct operating procedures is vital to ensure both those operating the vehicle and those in the basket remain safe and secure at all times.

The operator of a Vehicle Mounted Access Platform is responsible for carrying out a full risk assessment before, during and after use. They should also undertake daily checks before usage; deploy stabiliser legs correctly; ensure anybody using the platform wears a safety harness; and be fully aware of all emergency procedures, to ensure they are able to quickly resolve any issues during operation.

3. Avoid worksite accidents

Worksites can be busy, stressful environments, and without proper safety precautions moving vehicles can be a serious safety hazard. That is why anybody operating a Vehicle Mounted Access Platform has a duty to continually check their surroundings for hazards, as well as assessing the ground conditions.

Not only will this keep those outside of the vehicle safe from harm; it will ensure the whole site is able to operate more smoothly.

4. Improves efficiency of work

When you are on a tight budget and deadline, even minor faults can cause significant difficulties. But from platform malfunction to miscommunication, issues around the operation of strategic equipment are a common cause of delays on infrastructure worksites.

Following a clear set of shared best practices ensures your Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms operate smoothly. This means each task is completed as quickly and effectively as possible – keeping you on schedule.

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At Access Hire, we provide the UK’s largest and most modern fleet of Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms. But we don’t stop at the point of delivery.

Instead, we are dedicated to ensuring our partners’ projects are successful. That is why we include 24/7 support with every vehicle and offer expert advice about the safe and proper operation of your fleet.

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