How Eco-Friendly Welfare Units Can Help You Cut Costs In 2023

Blog-January 13, 2023

Most businesses would love to focus on sustainability in the new year. But with the ongoing recession, driven by skyrocketing energy prices, the majority will be forced to place all their attention on simply managing their budgets.

But what if the two weren’t mutually exclusive? What if using more sustainable, eco-friendly equipment – such as hybrid-powered mobile welfare units – could also help keep your costs under control?

Well, that actually is the case. Introducing more sustainable mobile welfare units to your site is not just the right thing to do for the environment – it’s also the best way to reduce costs.

Here are three ways eco-friendly welfare units help your bottom line:

Less fuel, more profiT

Hybrid power is generally lauded as an ecological fix: it helps reduce emissions and produce cleaner, greener construction sites. But hybrid power also has the potential to cut your energy costs – and increase your bottom line.

Welfare Hire’s mobile welfare units are powered by solar energy first.  If solar energy isn’t available, the power is drawn from the Lithium battery, which is also recharged from the solar panels.  With power drawn from the generator only as a last resort, the need for fuel is dramatically reduced. As a result, our units not only lower CO2 emissions – they achieve 15x fuel cost reductions.

More resilient to shocks

The last 12 months proved just how problematic relying on traditional energy sources can be. From the Ukraine war to the ban on red diesel, sites saw their fuel costs suddenly increase – and it was all out of their control.

By reducing contractors’ fuel consumption, Welfare Hire’s eco-friendly mobile welfare units and lighting towers also increase their resilience to sudden market shocks. When fuel prices shoot up, our partners are prepared – because they need so much less of it.

ESG pays

Whether you’re looking to attain investment or simply win big contracts, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores have a material impact on your financial situation. More environmentally friendly lighting towers or welfare units will improve your score – and therefore your overall financial health.