Six Essential Safety Tips for Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms

Blog-April 14, 2021

Projects within key infrastructure industries such as Telecoms and Utilities through to Power and Street Lighting require Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms (VMAPs) to reach heights safely. 

It’s absolutely vital to ensure everybody involved in these projects is safe, and that means following clear safety guidance when using Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms. 

Here are six essential tips to ensure you stay safe when using your access vehicle.

1. Check weather conditions

Weather can create unexpected risks when working from heights – in particular strong winds and heavy rain.  So you should carefully assess the weather conditions before operating Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms. 

2. Check the ground

Uneven, unstable or sloping ground can cause serious problems for vehicle mounted access platforms.  It’s important to carefully inspect the ground before beginning work, and make sure it is totally clear and secure.

3. Assess surroundings

From roads to overhead cables, there are a number of potential hazards to look out for in surrounding areas.  Before operating your access vehicle, ensure that the surrounding space is clear and safe to avoid accidents and distractions.

4. Factor in material weights

If you are installing materials, it’s important to factor the material’s weight into your safety assessments.  In some cases, you may need extra support to transport materials so as not to go over the safe working load of the vehicle.

5. Provide proper training

Operating Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms requires proper training. This should involve learning the safety risks, how to operate the vehicle properly, what safety equipment to wear and how to respond in emergency situations.

6. Daily inspections

Your maintenance schedule provided by Access Hire should be supplemented by daily vehicle inspections from drivers and operators of the vehicle you’ve hired, ensuring a smooth and safe experience and enabling you to carry out your work with confidence.

How Access Hire Helps

At Access Hire, we provide the UK’s largest and youngest fleet of Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms. 

As part of our market-leading service, we provide regular scheduled maintenance on every one of our vehicles, to ensure they are always kept in the best possible working condition.  

We proactively book in your servicing, maintenance and LOLER inspections to ensure the least disruption to your work and providing peace of mind that your vehicle is well maintained and safe to work.