Step Inside Our Innovative Welfare Units, Without Leaving Your Desk

Blog-February 9, 2021

Mobile welfare units are often simply considered a matter of Health and Safety compliance. But the truth is, the facilities you hire can be a defining factor of your project, setting the tone from the get-go and determining what kind of environment your site will become. 

The best mobile welfare units provide a comfortable space for workers, making them feel safe and valued – and that directly impacts staff wellbeing, motivation and productivity. So choosing the right welfare pod is not merely a case of reading about the unit’s capacity or ecological efficiency – it’s about understanding how the units add value

This is exactly why we pride ourselves on providing a fully immersive 360° virtual tour that allows you to step inside our welfare units. Because while our range is designed to cover all needs, and you can pick and choose depending on your site requirements, it’s still vital that you understand the kind of environment you’ll be creating.   

Why we created the immersive 360° virtual tour 

In an ideal world, we’d let every customer come and test out our welfare unit in person – that direct experience has always been a big part of our customer service. 

But let’s be honest: we don’t live in an ideal world right now, and that means we need to find new ways of showing our customers exactly what it is they’re hiring. 

We pride ourselves on having the largest, most modern and innovative fleet of mobile welfare units in the UK, so it’s only fitting that we solve the problems COVID has presented in an equally innovative way. 

How does the virtual tour work?

We’ve designed the virtual tour to give you as much control as possible: you can click on the ground to ‘walk’ through our showroom, and you can control the view of the camera so it really feels like you’re moving around inside the range of welfare hire products

We’ve ensured you can get an inside look at the ECO7, ECO10 and ECO14 mobile welfare units. That means you can see the various innovative features – like the smart water WCs, separate offices and XL spaces – up close and personal. And as you explore, you’ll notice various information icons: you can click on the info points to read in more detail about the feature you’re looking at.  

We want you to see what makes our ECO units unique

There are lots of things we want our customers to know about the unique benefits our mobile welfare units offer – in particular their positive ecological impact. But there’s only so much you can read before it starts to feel abstract. 

We hope being able to actually immerse yourself in our welfare units will help you truly understand how they can positively impact your site. 

So step inside our innovative welfare units for hire, and see how it feels: