Three Reasons Apprenticeships Are Essential For the Workforce of the Future

Blog8895Jobs-February 9, 2022

The tradition of apprenticeships goes back hundreds of years, and has been integral to the development of a healthy workforce, but with recent government figures suggesting the number of young people starting apprenticeships has plummeted in the last year¹, it appears that tradition is at risk of fading away.

At Access Hire, we have a proud history of taking on apprentices. So to honour National Apprenticeship Week, we felt we should speak up and explain exactly why such programmes are important for employers and apprentices alike.

Here are three reasons apprenticeships are essential for the workforce of the future:

1. Developing skills

Apprenticeships provide young, relatively inexperienced workers the opportunity to develop their skills. They are able to hone techniques, build expertise and learn from mentors that truly understand what is required to work professionally in a particular field.

The net result is increased quality of work and a level of service which can only come from extended, disciplined training. According to research, the average employer using an apprenticeship scheme sees their investment returned within 6 months – and an ROI of 150% is very common².

2. Improved prospects

The opportunities an apprenticeship scheme provides can be transformative. Getting into technical fields may be daunting, but apprenticeships open doors. In fact, individuals that complete an apprenticeship scheme see an average salary premium of 32%³.

Ultimately, this has lasting implications for personal and professional wellbeing. Not only does it help the apprentice – it helps promote a sense of positivity within the entire workforce.

3. Preparing employers for the future

Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to create relationships with a new generation of talent, and help mould them into the kind of mature employees they want in the future. This helps employers understand what to expect from the workforce of the future – and prepare for it.

Apprenticeships ultimately ensure businesses can continue to deliver the highest possible value to customers. And at Access Hire, we believe that should be at the centre of every decision a business makes.