Eco10 Welfare Unit

Product Description

The Eco10 mobile welfare unit provides modern welfare facilities, comprising a separate canteen/welfare room, drying room, and WC for up to 10 people. With 20% larger internal space, 200% more water for contactless hot water handwashing and a unique water flush ceramic toilet, the bar is set high for our standard on smart and safe wellbeing. Silent running for up to 9 hours with hybrid power management ensures up to 15x running cost and CO₂ reductions. Continuing with our unique design and high specification, the Eco10 welfare unit has a larger canteen/welfare room plus a fully functional separate office complete with mains power sockets and lockable drawers. Increased capacity in space and facilities provides flexibility for more dynamic working on site and a larger workforce of up to 10 people.


Unique Retractable Drawbar

20% Larger Welfare Space

Smart Water Ceramic WC

On-demand Hot Running Water

Canteen Facilities

Drying & Changing Room

Secure & Tough Design

Dedicated Delivery

Fuel Reduction Eco Hybrid Power

Separate Office


Up to 10 Person

Smart Water WC

2 X Hot Water Washbasins

Canteen / Welfare Room

Drying Room