Hiring Access Platform Vehicles – Why Access Hire’s Service Makes It Easy

Blog-May 21, 2021

From planning and coordination, to managing site workers, running an infrastructure project is complex and time consuming. 

At Access Hire, we understand this, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that hiring Access Platform Vehicles including our specialist Vehicle Mounted Access Platform (VMAPs) is seamless and easy. Making helping your project run smoothly and taking a load off your shoulders. 

How do we make hiring access platform vehicles easy? Through our industry-leading service, which has helped us develop trusting, long-term relationships with numerous clients and become the provider of choice for infrastructure projects across the UK. 

Let’s look at five reasons why our service is so effective:

1. Product knowledge 

Our service starts with genuine product expertise. Throughout our organisation, people are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms – combined, they have over 200 years of industry experience. 

Our partners can trust us to provide the best Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms on the market, as well as confidently fielding their detailed queries about the vehicles’ specifications. The expert advice we are able to provide ultimately saves time and reduces stress for our partners. 

2. 24/7 Support

We provide round-the-clock support, every day of the year. This stems from a belief that our job is not simply to provide high quality access vehicles – it’s to ensure your project runs smoothly at all times. 

Roughly one third of all service calls we receive results in an instant resolution through a conversation with one of our expert engineers, and our dedicated service team responds immediately to all requests. This minimises delays and helps our partners feel confident that they have the support they need. 

3. Fully Inclusive Maintenance

We ensure every piece of equipment we hire out is perfectly maintained. We provide regular inspections and planned maintenance to ensure our Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms are always running at optimal level.  All planned maintenance is proactively booked in for you at your convenience by our service team professionals, meaning minimal disruption to your workload and peace of mind that nothing will get missed.

This means project managers don’t have to concern themselves with technical appraisals – they can simply rest assured that their access vehicles are being looked after by true experts. 

4. Long-term relationships

In their recent look at the UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery, PwC argued that closer relationships with suppliers is key to accelerating infrastructure projects.

Our service is based upon this and we provide just those kinds of relationships, which means partnering with Access Hire is quick, easy, and secure. This ensures your peace of mind when choosing us as your access equipment provider.

Ultimately, we believe great service builds great relationships. By providing consistently reliable and safe products, we develop long-term relationships with our clients that means they never have to settle for second best.