Why Good Lighting Is Vital For Work Site Safety

Blog-October 14, 2022

When we think of health and safety on a construction site, most people picture hardhats and high-viz vests. But there is another key factor that keeps workers safe every day on site – and that is good quality light.

Lighting towers are not just vital for working during the darker months of the year; they form an essential part of any serious health and safety plan. From increased visibility to reduced eye strain, good-quality lighting towers are a non-negotiable asset for any project.

That is why Welfare Hire is so proud of our innovative range of lighting towers. They improve on-site safety in three clear ways:

1. Awareness of hazards

Improving the quality of lighting in a workspace has been proven to reduce accidents by 52%.¹ With more light – and less glare – workers can see exactly what they’re doing, so there is less chance they will trip or fall.

They can properly assess hazards or risks, which is particularly crucial when working in dangerous situations – such as operating heavy machinery or working at heights. And oncoming traffic and pedestrians can see clearly that they are entering a construction zone.

2. cognitive load

Poor lighting forces workers to strain their eyes, which can cause long-term harm to their sight. Workers have to make an effort to see what’s going on, which takes focus away from the task at hand. This often results in accidents or errors that can be costly or dangerous.

These problems are collectively known as ‘increased cognitive load’. Research has proven that poor lighting lowers cognitive performance.² So if lighting is poor or inconsistent, your workforce is constantly distracted. It’s the equivalent of asking them to do brain teasers while they work.

3. Wellbeing and health

Increased cognitive load ultimately impacts the mental and physical health of workers. Having to strain to see – or constantly experiencing glare – can cause headaches and increase stress.

This is borne out by evidence: studies have shown that better lighting can reduce the number of sick days employees take and increase output.² With better lighting towers, workers are therefore not only safer – they feel better, are less likely to be absent and are ultimately more productive.

How welfare hire can help

Welfare Hire’s range of innovative lighting towers are not only environmentally friendly – they are a vital health and safety resource. 

Each tower is capable of lighting half a football field, providing enough illumination for the toughest projects. And each of the tower’s six light heads can be individually positioned to ensure optimum light to every area. 

They are the perfect solution for any contractor looking to increase their onsite safety and invest in the best quality equipment for their teams. And with 99.1% perfect hires, we provide a seamless, market-leading service that will make the transition fast and easy.