Why We Are Bringing Access Hire and Access Lease to Rail Live 2021

Blog-June 16, 2021

Rail Live is one of the most important annual events for the rail industry, bringing together an incredible selection of experts and specialist vendors. This year’s event will take place on June 16-17th at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre in Warwickshire, and we are very excited to say that Access Hire will be in attendance.

Over the years, we have been a trusted partner on numerous major rail projects, providing innovative Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms (VMAPs) and market leading support. So this year, we’re hoping to shine a light on two key topics:

1. Working at Heights 

Working at heights is the single largest cause of workplace fatalities in the UK, and many rail projects require site workers to do just that. Workers might, for example, need to prune trees that are endangering rail lines, and in order to do so they’ll often need to use Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms.

As experts in this area, we want to demonstrate the vital steps that must be taken to ensure workers are safe when working at heights. This includes checking the project’s surroundings, as well as the ground and weather conditions; properly factoring workers’ weight into your safety assessments; and ensuring workers have proper training. 

Finally, Vehicle Mounted Access Platforms require regular, detailed maintenance to ensure they are working at full capacity and can guarantee the health and safety of workers. This brings us onto the other subject we’re hoping to illuminate:


2. Reliable Support on Large-Scale projects

Rail projects are often extremely complex, and managing them is a continual challenge. We believe it is the job of specialist equipment providers to ease this burden, by offering trustworthy, reliable support at all times. 

Project managers should be able to feel confident that they will always have easy access to high-quality, reliable equipment backed up by market leading 24/7/365 support from industry experts – which is exactly what we offer at Access Hire and Access Lease.

With over 200 years’ combined experience, we understand how important trust and support is for rail and other key infrastructure projects. We are therefore dedicated to ensuring we offer peerless service and support to every single project we partner with.

We are looking forward to bringing our Vehicle Mounted Access Platform expertise to the event, and learning lots from the many other impressive attendees.

Kelling Group will also be represented at Rail Live by our Sister Company – Welfare Hire.  Find out more about their innovative equipment here.