Why You Should Never Compromise on Lighting Hire

Blog-October 25, 2021

Keeping your worksite functional during the darker months can be surprisingly difficult. As the days get shorter, many construction projects struggle to stay safe and on schedule. Yet all too often, contractors still look to compromise on their lighting units. 

Opting for cheap lighting may appear a net saving, but it can create more problems than it solves. In this article, we’ll explore three ways this can happen.

Three reasons to hire the best lighting towers

1. Reduce emissions

Environmental impact is an increasingly central consideration for construction projects, but traditional electric lighting is often hugely inefficient, draining energy and leading to huge CO2 emissions.

Because they run on hybrid power, our lighting towers reduce emissions by roughly 94% compared to standard units. They use smart telematics to ensure they are run efficiently, optimising utilisation and smart working. And by saving fuel, they also reduce the running costs of your lighting units dramatically.

2. Maintain brightness

When businesses opt for environmentally friendly solutions, they often compromise on performance. Many ‘eco’ lighting towers produce lower quality, dim light. Contractors are forced to choose between effective lighting and reducing emissions. 

With our ECO Lighting Towers, you can have both. Our superior Lithium battery hybrid technology ensures you can maintain 6x super bright LED heads – all whilst reducing your environmental impact. So, why compromise when you can have the brightest and greenest solution in the market?

3. Minimise refills

Lighting units often require regular maintenance, meaning you are refuelling them at regular intervals – creating extra labour and operational costs with potential project downtime. 

Our lighting towers are built with an extraordinary energy system that makes use of hybrid battery technology. This means they can run uninterrupted for huge lengths of time – up to 965 hours per refill, in the case of the X-Eco Hybrid.

Never settle for second best

At Kelling, we believe compromising on quality always ends in losses. That’s why we’ve spent years building the UK’s largest and most technologically advanced fleet – to ensure none of our clients ever have to settle for second best.

If you are looking to improve the operability, efficiency and profitability of your project as we enter the darker months, get in touch today to discover what our innovative, eco-friendly lighting towers could do for you.