World Environment Day – Saturday 5th June

Blog-June 5, 2021

The advantages of eco friendly welfare units. How Welfare Hire’s welfare units are helping businesses contribute towards a healthier planet.

World Environment Day is the United Nations’ day for encouraging awareness globally of the need to protect our environment.  Its purpose is to raise the profile of the responsibility of governments, businesses, and individual citizens alike to each play their part in transforming the world in which we live.

To keep global warming beneath the target of less than 2C above the pre-industrial average, businesses must play a leading role so our societies and economies can transition to a model that is sustainable and beneficial for all.

At Welfare Hire, our commitment to delivering some of the most sustainable, eco-friendly welfare units on the market has been entrenched in our values for years. As a result, we consistently deliver award winning welfare units for hire that are considered by our customers as peerless, contribute towards a healthier planet, and offer businesses significant cost savings as a result.

Here are some of the features you can find on our range of welfare units that help contribute towards a healthier environment:

Our mobile welfare units have smart water systems which means efficient water usage on your site.

Efficient Water Usage 

Our welfare units are fitted with XL Smart Water Systems which means we can provide up to 4x more hot water for our ceramic water flush toilets and handwashing facilities, but also our toilets are typically only 40% full after a given week compared to the chemical alternatives.  

What is often overlooked is the reduced requirement for service call outs and the associated carbon costs of vehicles driving to site to carry out this essential maintenance as a result.

Not only does this drive down carbon emissions and therefore a business’ overall carbon footprint, but there are also significant cost savings to be had particularly when extrapolated across multiple sites and for extended periods.

fuel reduction advantages of a mobile welfare unit

Reductions in Fuel Consumption

With some of the most technologically advanced welfare units on the market, Welfare Hire is responsible for driving down the emissions of its welfare units with its market leading hybrid power systems.  

So advanced is the technology deployed in our welfare units that we are known to save up to 90% of the fuel required when compared with traditional, standard onsite units.

reduce your carbon footprint on your site with an eco friendly mobile welfare unit from Kelling Group

Greener Footprint

Our Mobile welfare units are designed to be more easily transported both to and from site and easily moved whilst on site themselves.  This is having a major impact on the reduction of harmful emissions and is why Welfare Hire is seen as leading the way in its sector on tackling such problems.

With towable welfare units, which can be set down in less than six seconds, Welfare Hire have done away with the need for HGVs and now operate a smarter, greener fleet of ULEZ pick-ups for transportation and location whilst on site.

Welfare Hire, as part of the Kelling Group, are committed to helping businesses improve their carbon efficiency.  To see the full range of eco-friendly mobile welfare units and welfare vans please browse the range or take our virtual tour.