Welfare Hire Receives ESG Accreditation to Inspire Customer Confidence

Blog-September 14, 2023

Measurement is an essential part of any effective carbon reduction strategy. From improving your ESG score to reaching net zero, leaders must know how each procurement decision impacts their environmental goals.

But what kind of data should you look for? And how can you be confident it is accurate?

At Welfare Hire, our mission is not simply to supply the best fleet of mobile ECO welfare units and tower lights – we want to build lasting relationships with our customers based on trust. And that is why we’re so excited to announce our recent accreditation from Sustainable Advantage.

An intelligent approach to Sustainable Advantage

Sustainable Advantage are industry leaders for ESG due diligence in the infrastructure, energy and waste sectors. They have particular expertise in carbon handprint reporting and data validation, assessing industry vendors’ claims about their products’ carbon emissions.

This made them the perfect candidate to independently verify Welfare Hire’s empirical data – and provide an impartial judgement for our partners to refer to.

And the verdict is…

Through a rigorous due diligence process, Sustainable Advantage analysed ​​Welfare Hire’s empirical volumetric data recorded on the performance of their mobile ECO welfare units and benchmarked it against other eco welfare units in the market. 

Here is what they had to say:

Sustainable Advantage are pleased to be able to verify Welfare Hire’s carbon handprint. The calculations demonstrate to customers that by choosing Welfare Hire products, significant emissions are saved, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.”

Michael Warwick, Head of Net Zero

This should come as no surprise: with empirical data amassed from the recording of actual volumetric data for our units across hundreds of thousands of real project days, Welfare Hire is in a unique position to offer the most robust and qualified volumetric data in this field. But having this fact independently verified by such a respected organisation helps qualify the integrity and value in this.

Moving forward with confidence

We believe this accreditation will be a positive moment for the core infrastructure sectors we operate in. The ability to source strategic equipment like mobile welfare units and tower lights with full confidence that they will improve your ESG score should inspire more decisive action towards net zero – which is a core part of what Welfare Hire exists to deliver.

Our Eco Calculator is a vital tool for any contractors or clients looking to improve their ESG score, reduce their carbon emissions or gain clarity on what using our equipment would mean for their project:

Want to start meeting your ESG goals faster?