X-Eco10 Welfare Unit

Product Description

The X-Eco10 mobile welfare unit provides modern welfare facilities, comprising a separate canteen/welfare room, drying room and WC for up to 10 people. With 20% larger internal space, 200% more water for hot water handwashing and a unique water flush ceramic toilet, the bar is set high for our standard on smart and safe wellbeing. Silent running with hybrid power management ensures up to 15x running cost and CO₂ reductions. Integrating tower lighting in the 10-person unit provides an unrivalled 2-in-1 solution for onsite mobile welfare and site lighting. Easily operated by remote control, the light mast has 4 x 100W LED lights independently positional with 360° and tilt positioning to tailor lighting and optimise HSE compliance and productivity onsite with a silent battery running time of up to 9 hours.


Unique Retractable Drawbar

20% Larger Welfare Space

Smart Water Ceramic WC

On-demand Hot Running Water

Canteen Facilities

Drying & Changing Room

Secure & Tough Design

Dedicated Delivery

Fuel Reduction Eco Hybrid Power

Separate Office

Integrated Lighting


Up to 10 Person

Smart Water WC

2 X Hot Water Washbasins

Canteen / Welfare Room

Drying Room


Lighting Tower