Kelling Group is a leading name in Mobile Lighting Tower Hire in the UK. Our Eco-friendly Hybrid, Lithium & LED tower lights are portable, easy to operate, transport, and locate. Providing quick and easy site access and set up as well as instant site lighting for industrial and construction sites. Our site light towers create light for areas equivalent to half a football pitch, with lighting hours up to 955 before refueling depending on which type of lighting tower you choose. Our site lights are perfect for remote locations.

The Latest in Site Lights

We have three models of lighting tower available for hire at Kelling Group. Site lights include Lithium & LED light towers, which we hire to construction sites and firms across the UK. Our models include the X-Eco LED Site Light, the X-EcoHYBRID, and the X-EcoHYBRID LITHIUM. Each equipped with individual smart and unique features including a range of 73% to 94% in fuel reduction and CO2 emissions and silent green running time of up to 80%.

Our mobile light towers are so convenient with an easy-to-position full 360° extendable hydraulic light mast which can be tailored to your site lighting requirements, also optimising HSE compliance and productivity. Compare each tower light unit's features to find the one that would be best suited to your construction site's lighting needs. We are always on hand to help, so please reach out if you require support.