Three Ways Eco-Friendly Tower Lights Improve Infrastructure Projects During Summer Months

Blog-June 16, 2023

The summer months are vital for the UK’s infrastructure and construction industries. Bad winter weather delays projects by up to 21%¹, leading many firms to find themselves with a large backlog by the time summer rolls around.

But how can projects make the most of these months? The answer is by utilising eco-friendly tower lights. The right lighting towers will not only help you catch up on work – they will provide a range of other benefits.

Here are three key ways tower lights improve construction and infrastructure projects during the summer:

1. Working through the night

The extra daylight during summer already makes it easier for projects to operate for longer. But working through the night is also easier when the temperature is higher and sudden rain or storms are less likely.

Tower lights enable workers to operate through the night, making up for lost time and reducing the burden of previous project delays. This is particularly important for larger projects, which routinely take 20% longer than planned.

2. Reducing productivity losses

Working through the night also helps mitigate the negative effects of extreme heat during summer. Research shows that productivity decreases up to 57% for every 1 degree rise in temperature above 28 degrees Celsius.²

Being able to adapt to these situations and work during the early hours – when temperatures are likely to dip – will both keep workers safe and ensure productivity remains high. It will also enable workers to stagger shifts, working for shorter intervals to avoid heat-related injury or harm.

3. Enabling worker flexibility

Given the prevalence of stress and mental health issues amongst construction and infrastructure workers, it’s important that staff are able to take breaks – especially summer holidays. But this creates a challenge for firms, as they already face staffing shortages.

Tower lights unlock more flexibility for workers. Because firms are able to offer more hours (by working through the night), individuals can opt to take on more shifts when they can – and take holidays without either disrupting the project or taking a pay hit.

Finding the right lighting tower hire

At Welfare Hire, we pride ourselves on helping our partners find new ways to get value out of their equipment. With our range of eco-friendly mobile tower lights, we not only provide market leading products – we offer a genuine strategic advantage that unlocks flexibility, improves productivity and creates a more positive atmosphere on-site throughout the summer.