Four Keys Ways Access Zero Can Support The Security Industry

Blog-April 21, 2023

The Security Event is the UK security industry’s biggest annual event. It brings together professionals from various sectors, including cybersecurity, physical security, fire safety, and facilities management to learn about the latest technologies and innovations that will define the future of security.

This makes it a perfect platform to introduce Access Zero – our brand new fleet of fully-electric Van Mounted MEWPs – which leverages cutting-edge technology to solve some of the biggest challenges security businesses face.

Here are five ways Access Zero does this:

1. Reduced emissions

The pressure to show progress towards net zero is growing. But security businesses regularly need to use Van Mounted MEWPs that produce emissions. This is particularly problematic for CCTV installers working in urban environments who grapple with tough ULEZ regulations.

Access Zero removes those emissions from your value chain, by running entirely on electricity. Not only does that improve your environmental credentials – our electric van mounted MEWPs’ silent running reduces noise pollution, too. 

The result? Lower emissions and easier ULEZ compliance.


2. Faster deployment

Security installers have to move from site to site quickly. But traditional MEWPs tend to use outriggers, which slow deployment down dramatically. 

Access Zero’s fleet does not require such outriggers, meaning you can transport the vehicles faster and deploy them more quickly.

The result? Improved efficiency and faster deployment.

3. Safer operation

From installing new security systems to undertaking CCTV maintenance, ladder work is just part of the job for many security businesses. But working from heights was the largest cause of workplace deaths in 2022, and ensuring workers are safe is paramount. 

Access Zero offers a far safer way of working at heights. Not only are our Van Mounted MEWPs less strenuous and more secure than traditional ladder work, we also provide IPAF training and assistance to support your people to operate the equipment like experts and keep everybody on site safe.

The result? Fewer accidents and higher employee confidence on-site.

4. Flexible budgets

With unprecedented economic uncertainty, control over your supplier costs is more important than ever. A sudden, unexpected bill could send ripples through the most well-run project.

That’s why Access Zero offers flexible lease options to suit your project’s specific needs. Each option includes a total service package that ensures no nasty surprises.  This gives you the room to take control of your budget and spread the costs in a way that works for you. Plus our model allows you to save in several key ways.

The result? Greater control of your cash flow and access to the best vehicles on the market.

Join us at The Security Event

Want to learn about how Access Zero supports security businesses? We will be at stand 4/B70 at The Security Event, 25-27th April.