Three Things Infrastructure and Construction Firms Can Look Forward to in 2024

Blog-January 15, 2024

With the industry on track to rebound and growing access to innovative technology, there are many reasons for construction leaders to feel optimistic in 2024. So to start your new year off with some positive news, let’s look at three things we at Kelling Group are particularly excited about for the new year:

1. Sustainable equipment is easier to access

Many professionals feel understandably concerned that progress on sustainability is too slow. A recent rail industry poll found that just 13% of leaders believe the UK Government will meet its railway decarbonisation target of 2040, while 87% expect it to fall short.

The truth, however, is many meaningful improvements are being made – and our own product range is a testament to that fact. Over the last year, we’ve released the market’s first fleet of fully-electric van mounted MEWPs, as well as zero emission welfare vans. On top of Welfare Hire’s ever-expanding range of eco-friendly mobile welfare units and tower lights, it’s never been easier to make sustainable decisions about your equipment. 

In 2024, we expect to see a significant uptick in demand for such environmentally sound equipment, as firms see how valuable the boost to their ESG scores can be for winning business – and what could be more positive than that?

2. Innovative tech promises significant gains

In 2024, a wide range of innovative solutions are more easily available – not to mention more powerful! – than ever. The digitisation of strategic equipment, such as mobile welfare units, has unlocked several powerful benefits. 

The most recent mobile welfare units, Welfare Hire released, for example, feature a smart telemetry system that enables you to optimise power usage. This makes it easy to reduce energy waste, which has both ecological and financial benefits. It also allows users to operate remotely, minimise downtime and optimise performance onsite.

3. Better ESG data

The value of accurate environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores is clear. But most firms have struggled to access reliable data on their site’s emissions – until now.

After amassing thousands of days’ worth of volumetric data from construction sites, Kelling Group is able to provide reliable estimates of the volume of CO₂ our equipment emits. And by comparing this to industry standards, we can reveal the size of your environmental savings, along with financial and noise pollution reductions:

Make a Positive Start with Kelling Group

While these trends show that 2024 has lots of potential for progress, success will be determined by your strategic choices – especially when it comes to partnering with the right suppliers. 

At Kelling Group, we believe our role is not just to provide a market-leading fleet of strategic vehicles, but to support our partners with expert guidance and unparalleled service.

Want to forge a stronger partnership this year?