Three Ways Inclusive Service and Maintenance Is Vital For Van Mounted MEWPs

Blog-May 5, 2023

There’s little debate that modern van mounted MEWPs improve infrastructure output: 79% of contractors say such advanced technologies improve on-site safety, and 78% say they increase labour productivity.

But even the best van mounted MEWPs require regular servicing and maintenance. Rather than seeing this as a regulatory burden, however, project leaders should focus on the benefits this process offers.

Here are three important ways inclusive service and maintenance helps you get more value from your van mounted MEWPs:

1. Increase safety 

Van mounted MEWPs make working at heights far safer. But that doesn’t mean there is no Health and Safety risk when vehicles are not properly maintained. A large study found evidence of 736 MEWP-related accidents between January 2019 and December 2020¹

According to a report from the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), the most common causes of injuries and deaths are: falls from the platform, electrocutions, entrapment, overturns, MEWPs hit by an object or vehicle, or struck by a falling object.²

But regular maintenance and servicing dramatically reduces these risks, ensuring the vehicle functions smoothly. As the IPAF states:

“All accidents can be avoided, if the correct steps are taken during a rigorous pre-use planning process.”²

What do these ‘steps’ include? Proper training, rigorous checks, and regular servicing and maintenance.

2. Ensure compliance

Lifting equipment like van mounted MEWPs are subject to rigorous LOLER examinations every 6 months. Every vehicle in your fleet must pass these tests to remain road legal – and avoid logistical problems and potential delays to the project.

Regular maintenance and servicing ensures your MEWPs pass in several ways. Not only do they ensure any vehicle wear is addressed and the vehicle functions properly, it also helps increase fuel efficiency.

Planning Your Budget For Leasing Access Vehicles

3. Cost savings

Research shows that maintenance accounts for 30% of vehicle costs. But these costs can be kept under control with regular servicing and maintenance, as this ensures issues are caught earlier – and dealt with quickly. When hiring van mounted MEWPs, inclusive maintenance and servicing therefore provides a huge cost saving – both in the short and long-term. 

That’s why we include it with every vehicle you hire or lease from Access Hire and Access Lease. The goal is to help our partners unlock more value and keep their projects running, so they’re free to focus on what they do best.