How Access Hire Keeps Customers Working

Blog-August 25, 2022

Infrastructure output in the UK is set to increase by 8.8% this year – and a further 4.6% in 2023¹. But in order to keep pace with that growth, contractors must ensure they are not hit by unexpected delays.

According to research, large projects routinely take 20% longer than planned, with 69% of projects run over budget by more than 10%. And one of the most persistent causes of these problems is faulty equipment. 

From unexpected maintenance to failing motors, there are a range of problems, key assets like vehicle mounted access platforms routinely cause. But without the support of suppliers, contractors are helpless to prevent such setbacks. 

In this article, we explore three key factors that can ensure key equipment functions properly throughout a project:

1. Communication from suppliers

One third of project failure results from poor communication – including interactions with suppliers. Without consistent, transparent communication, contractors are left in the dark and issues with the equipment are not attended to quickly enough. 

This is a common fault with suppliers. In fact, the average B2B business scores less than 50% on the customer-experience index. But at Access Hire, we have made it our priority to change how things are done. 

We ensure key channels of communication are open at all times through our 24/7/365 operational support, meaning you can contact an expert advisor whenever you need to. And because we pride ourselves in hiring true industry experts, we are there to offer detailed strategic or technical advice that will help solve your problems faster.


2. Inclusive maintenance and support

Specialist equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure it stays operational.

Not only does this increase the likelihood of failure and delays, it hits your bottom line – as maintenance accounts for up to 30% of the total cost of a vehicle. Sourcing and paying experts is expensive, but entirely necessary to keep your project running.

Access Hire, however, undertakes regular planned maintenance on our entire fleet – to guarantee they are in top condition. Before delivering products, we undertake a rigorous 50-point inspection to certify they are in proper working order. As well as include breakdown and recovery as a standard, to ensure every one of our partners feels confident that any issues they face will be quickly resolved.

3. Seamless product delivery

Finally, strategic equipment like vehicle mounted access platforms need to actually arrive on your site when it is needed. Reliable delivery is not only important for keeping on schedule – it also enables a certain amount of flexibility, as you can more easily source extra equipment. 

This is where operating the country’s largest fleet comes in handy: we are able to deliver key strategic equipment across the UK. The result? Our clients are able to keep their site working and stay on schedule – always.