Three Ways Tower Lights Improve Morale During the Darker Months

Blog-November 3, 2023

More than 2 million people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a form of depression caused by the darker months¹. As a result, construction sites often see a slump in morale as the days get shorter.

However, this dip in morale is not inevitable if you have the right tower lights. Here are three ways they can keep employee morale up during the winter months:

1. Keep sites safe

Employee morale often suffers due to a perceived increase to physical risk. With reduced visibility and wetter conditions, including ice and snow creating new trip hazards, workers are liable to feel their site becomes less safe during the darker months. And given that construction-related fatalities already increased 55% in the last reporting year², safety will be a particular concern this Autumn and Winter.

Tower lights help mitigate these risks and keep workers safe. The increased visibility site lighting unlocks helps assure that trip hazards are seen, collisions are avoided and workers feel confident that they are safe at all times.

LED Light Tower

2. Improve productivity

Just as extreme heat can delay construction projects, the harsher winter days can make it very difficult to get much done on a construction site. In fact, some estimates suggest that extreme cold can reduce productivity by 50%³. Lower productivity can lead to missed targets or delays to the projects – both of which take their toll on employee morale. 

That’s why LED tower lights are an essential tool for employee morale. By enabling work to continue when the sun has gone down, projects are able to recapture the losses they make on days when the weather is prohibitively cold. As a result, workers don’t feel the strain of stressed managers or tighter deadlines that would otherwise come with a productivity drop.

3. Create flexibility onsite

The single best way to boost employee morale is by giving them flexibility. And with daylight hours reducing, the window to deliver work outside in natural light becomes limited.

The solution is enabling work to be delivered safely and practically during darker hours, providing illumination from lighting towers for flexibility in working hours and schedules. Portable tower lights enable extended work hours and, subsequently, give employees the opportunity to fit work around their schedules – rather than the other way around. 

We believe this is a key factor in employee morale through the year, but it may be felt most during the darker months. And as a result, this Autumn and Winter are the perfect time for firms that don’t currently use LED tower lights to enable employee flexibility to start.

Never Settle For Second Best

At Welfare Hire, we believe innovative technology should serve every aspect of a construction project. That’s why we are dedicated to providing not only eco-friendly tower lights, but helping our partners use them to unlock a range of for their site – including boosting employee morale in the Winter.

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