Why Facility Managers Need to Embrace Electric Van Mounted MEWPs

Blog-December 7, 2023

Every facility manager today knows they need to reduce their carbon footprint.

76% say their clients consider sustainability “the most important issue” in the tendering process¹, meaning that carbon reduction is not just about ethics – it’s crucial to winning business.

But how can facility managers produce a meaningful reduction without totally overhauling their existing processes?

The answer is simple: through embracing fully electric van mounted MEWPs for ongoing maintenance work.

Van Mounted MEWPs are an opportunity to reduce emissions

Facility managers routinely use van mounted MEWPs to undertake maintenance work, and few leaders have  identified them as an opportunity to reduce emissions. But as pressure to institute more sustainable processes, many are looking to this new option.

CBRE recently argued that facilities managers should switch to an electric fleet to improve sustainability². And the chief reason most facility managers haven’t made the switch is there was not a reliable source of fully-electric van mounted MEWPs – until now.

The rise of fully-electric Van Mounted MEWPs

Earlier this year, Access Zero launched the UK’s only fleet of fully-electric van mounted MEWPs. With zero carbon emissions and silent running, they enable facility managers to undertake regular maintenance work without adding to their carbon footprint or contributing to noise issues.

This is an important step for the facility management industry. A study from Reading University found that facilities managers are far less likely to measure and inspect their supply chain for carbon emissions than other factors³. But the introduction of fully-electric options makes it far easier to ensure your fleet is clean – and therefore signals your attention to detail.

now is the time to act

There is a major opportunity for facility managers to become early adopters of electric vehicles – and they should grasp it with both hands. Not only will doing so show their intent to reduce emissions and implement more sustainable practices; it will position them as pioneers in the industry – which could have a lasting positive effect on their reputation. 

Better still, it is easy to introduce fully-electric van mounted MEWPs today. With Access Zero as your dedicated partner, you have everything you need to make a seamless transition that will give you a clear edge in the tendering process.

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