The UK’s Telecommunications Industry Needs Electric Van Mounted MEWPs

Blog-January 3, 2024

From growing consumer demand to the ongoing rollout of 5G, the UK’s telecommunication industry has many reasons to be optimistic. But after a recent pledge from many of the country’s leading telecom brands to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, many will wonder: what exactly can the industry do to ensure sustainability throughout its entire supply chain?

Electric vehicles are an easy win

According to Bain and company, 85% of telecom brands’ carbon emissions come from scope three emissions, with network construction accounting for a large proportion of their overall footprint. This means a focus on factors like the kind of van mounted MEWPs and other strategic equipment used during construction and maintenance are essential to decarbonisation efforts.

Fortunately, 2023 saw the emergence of the UK’s first fleet of fully-electric van mounted MEWPs. This represents an easy win for telecom brands: they can quickly replace their existing MEWPs with fully-electric alternatives that have already proven popular with early adopters.

Here are three benefits this will bring:

1. Reduce environmental impact

Fully-electric van mounted MEWPs eliminate both carbon emissions and noise pollution. They run on 100% electric power, enabling you to operate with ease in Ultra Low Emission Zones. This can have a profound impact on the total environmental impact of construction and maintenance projects, leading to…

2. Improve ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores are increasingly crucial to secure investments. Embracing fully-electric van mounted MEWPs will give a solid boost to any telecom brand’s ESG, helping them access funding during times of increased competition.

3. Better performance

Access Zero’s fully-electric van mounted MEWPs come with 24/7 operational support, and you get a dedicated account manager to ensure the transition process is fast and smooth. The result? Your new MEWPs are secure and reliable – helping every project stay on track.

Take Control of Your Supply Chain in 2024

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