Why Van Mounted MEWPs Are Essential for City Maintenance Projects

Blog-January 29, 2024

Few things are more important for modern infrastructure contracting firms than the ability to adapt to changing environments. 

From navigating Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ) to reducing noise pollution in residential areas, the strategic equipment and vehicles you use can dictate whether your firm is a viable candidate for a project

But what does that mean for city maintenance projects in 2024? And how can forward-thinking firms ensure they are prepared for a wide range of upcoming opportunities?

Urban Projects Require Greater Flexibility

Firms that want to work on city maintenance projects may face two problems: 

  1. They need to be able to work at heights in a safe and secure manner
  2. They need to move quickly through crowded areas

Many firms have historically opted for vertical lift MEWPs to enable workers to reach heights while reducing the risk of a fall. The only problem is the majority of MEWPs require a tow, which makes moving them around both slow and cumbersome. And they take up a lot of space, which makes navigating many urban environments difficult, often requiring advanced planning.

From street light repairs to building inspections, there will be many projects for which these MEWPs simply will not be fit for purpose. But fortunately, there is a simple solution that sets your firm up to work on any project you can land.

How can Van Mounted MEWPs Support City Maintenance Projects

1. INcreased accessibility

Access Hire’s range of van mounted MEWPs solve both problems posed by city maintenance projects: they enable your employee to work securely at a range of heights, while removing the need for towing. You can simply drive the van to the required spot, and move it quickly whenever necessary.

2. Flexible scale

Our range of van mounted MEWPs fit a range of needs including different:

  • Heights
  • Outreaches
  • Spare load capacities
  • Custom specification

This ensures you can choose the exact specification to meet your needs, and switch it up for your next project.

3. 24/7 support

City maintenance projects require you to work at heights at a range of times. But if there is an issue with your MEWPs, the entire schedule is at the mercy of your provider’s support hours.

With Access Hire, you have access to a 24/7 specialist support team and consultations from our in-house experts. This ensures any challenge is resolved quickly and downtime is minimised.

Kelling Group Access Hire Units

Win More City Maintenance Contracts with Access Hire

Ultimately, working with Access Hire is the perfect way to prepare for a busy year and ensure you can seamlessly take on any city maintenance project. With the country’s largest and most modern fleet of van mounted MEWPs, we provide the security you need to keep your projects running. 

Want to partner with us and get ready for your busiest year yet?