Three Ways Welfare Hire Can Help You Become More Environmentally Friendly

From tough climate change targets to increasing pressure to demonstrate ESG credentials, the case for a  more environmentally conscious approach to construction is clear. 

Our research has shown that good ESG practices result in better operational performance. And companies can expect an average internal rate of return of 27-80% on their carbon saving investments.

But for many businesses, it isn’t clear how to make this the switch to greener alternatives. 

The construction industry is currently responsible for 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions¹, and many widely touted solutions, such as circular production, require a comprehensive overhaul of existing practices. 

In this article, we demonstrate how much smaller changes can have a powerful effect on businesses’ overall environmental impact – by exploring three key benefits of our innovative Mobile Welfare Units.

1. Reduce emissions

Our welfare units and lighting units operate on hybrid power, enabling them to reduce emissions by as much as 90% compared to other products on the market. This is achieved by making use of solar power and more environmentally friendly lithium batteries.

Across even a relatively small fleet, the result is an enormous cumulative reduction in overall emissions. And if you have a fleet of 100 vehicles in use, that reduction could net to the equivalent of planting 2.2 million trees.

For businesses struggling with fuel costs, this provides an additional benefit. By radically reducing the amount of fuel necessary to power your welfare units, you can mitigate your reliance on highly volatile fuel markets – and protect your bottom line.

2. Avoid unnecessary servicing

On the average construction site, simply servicing a fleet of vehicles has a large environmental cost. Why? Because transporting vehicles to and from site produces a high volume of site externalities and extra emissions.

Much of this servicing is done to refill and empty onsite chemical WC facilities. But our mobile welfare units are fitted with extremely large water tanks and Smart Water Systems, which are far more sustainable. The ECOXLi, for example, runs on 100% recycled rainwater and provides a water wash basin and two separate water-flush toilets.

As a result, the unit’s water usage is far more efficient than others on the market. This means as opposed to chemical WC systems, which are standard in the market,, our XL smart water can go months between services – rather than weekly. And this helps more than halve the emissions produced by service transport.

With a user friendly live dashboard, it’s easy to guarantee correct and full usage of the ECO power and water systems to delver optimal value and usage

3. Optimise energy usage

Introducing more eco-friendly, energy efficient welfare units is vital. But there is still huge value in monitoring, managing and minimising your welfare unit’s energy usage. Which is exactly why we introduced Smart Telemetry to the ECOXLi unit.

With a user-friendly interface, it enables workers to track and optimise the fuel usage of their vehicle – and ensure you only use what is needed. This helps keep emissions as low as possible, as well as demonstrating that your site is doing everything it can to go green.

If you’d like to learn more about these and more eco-friendly features, reach out to our sales team today.


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Three Ways Technology Has Transformed Welfare Units

National Technology Day celebrates the power of technology to transform all areas of the global economy. And mobile Welfare Units are the perfect encapsulation of this. 

While there are legal requirements all construction sites must meet – such as providing access to toilets, washing facilities and drinking water – it is only through innovative design and  technology that mobile welfare units have become what they are today.

Bringing together a variety of innovative technologies, modern mobile welfare units like ours are able to both improve employee experience and reduce the environmental impact of the vehicles. In this article, we explore three key ways technology has helped make this transformation of mobile welfare units possible:

1. More efficient energy

Traditionally, most welfare units were powered entirely by diesel generators and produced extremely high carbon emissions. This was bad in a number ways: fuel was expensive, the energy usage was inefficient and the high emissions were environmentally harmful.

As the technology has evolved, however, innovative mobile welfare units have become increasingly fuel efficient. Market leading models, such as the EcoXLi, now run on a sophisticated hybrid power system, which can eliminate emissions and is far more energy efficient.

It utilises a combination of renewable solar energy and a next generation lithium batteries that is capable of powering the entire system. This minimises the need for generator power, and the EcoXLi only features a small 3.5VA Backup HVO generator.

The result? A zero carbon mobile welfare unit that runs on 100% silent and clean green energy, without compromising on quality – and is extremely reliable.

2. Better water usage

Water is essential for any welfare unit, as they must legally provide wash facilities, toilets and drinking water. However, most units operate highly inefficient water systems, based on outdated technology, and chemical WC facilities.

In contrast, Welfare Hire’s mobile welfare units, which have embraced smart water technology, are able to provide more reliable, cleaner and more cost efficient wash and WC facilities. The ECOXLi, once again, is the perfect example: its Smart Water system uses 100% recycled rainwater, alongside an XXL water tank that is capable of servicing the entire system, including non-chemical, water-flush toilets.

This ensures that the unit provides the absolute best hygiene, with XL hot water sinks and ECO Water Flush toilets in two full-size separate WCs. But it also unlocks efficiency savings against other, less advanced units.

Because the average welfare unit operates smaller chemical WC waste tanks, they must be serviced and emptied more frequently – which involves added transportation costs and increased carbon emissions. But the ECOXLi’s much larger water system ensures that servicing is less frequent – thereby reducing these costs whilst improving hygiene and wash facilities onsite.


With a user friendly live dashboard, it’s easy to guarantee correct and full usage of the ECO power and water systems to delver optimal value and usage

3. Usability

A lot of technological progress is focused on functionality. But there is also huge scope for technology to make products easier and more pleasant for the end-user.

This is another key factor in the evolution of modern mobile welfare units: technology has made them far easier to optimise utilisation for the average user.

Take the ECOXLi’s Smart Telemetry system. Featuring a live dashboard, the digital technology makes it extremely simple for users to manage and optimise their welfare unit’s power usage. With real-time monitoring, as well as reporting on volumetric data for your sites and projects, you can ensure that no more power is used than necessary.

And in combination with the ECOXLi’s Smart auto system, this means you produce the optimal value from your water and power system.

Welfare Hire is driven by technology

As a business whose growth has been powered by innovation, we at Welfare Hire understand how transformative technology can be. That is why we continue to reinvest our revenue into new products and asset upgrades – so that ours remains the biggest and most technologically advanced fleet in the UK.

If you’d like to discover more about the technology behind our innovative vehicles, click here to get in touch today.

10 ways Welfare Hire are unique

Service Driven Support

Service Driven & Quality Guaranteed

Having the largest, greenest and most technologically advanced fleet in the market is only one part of our unique offering. Delivering superb customer service, developing lasting client relationships and ‘going the extra mile’ is what really sets us apart. We see our clients as partners and always strive to exceed expectations, delivering value with dedicated specialist product and services to achieve their sustainability and wellbeing goals on every hire.

We take immense pride in everything we supply, providing premium levels of nationwide customer service and support to match the quality of our market-leading mobile welfare units.

How Do We Achieve This?

With nationwide cover and regular, rigorous maintenance, our customer relationships rely on specialist support and advice from our team of experts.

Our dedicated in-house facilities enable us to keep all our mobile ECO welfare units to a consistently high level of specification and standard. Our 62-point pre-hire inspection includes a specialist spray booth and mechanical service & operational testing to ensure consistent quality across our entire fleet.

Welfare Hire’s dedicated drivers & low emissions vehicles deliver almost anywhere in the UK within 24 hours providing a reliable, greener solution. Without the need for expensive HGVs or site access planning, we provide a smart, flexible and cost-effective transport.

Our highly trained Customer Service Engineers offer technical and specialist advice, with expertise to resolve all repairs and queries on our ECO units.

We add significant value as standard by reliably delivering equipment to site when required, ensuring sites can operate efficiently and meet key deadlines. As the UK’s leading welfare hire specialist, we have designed our unique support offering to meet our client needs, exceed expectations and optimise project efficiencies.

1. Specialist service & support
2. Dedicated account management
3. 99.1% perfect hire days
4. Personal touch
5. Market-leading quality assurance
6. Green, reliable & 100% customer focussed

Check out our service department and dedicated maintenance hub HERE.