X-Eco Hybrid Lithium Mobile Lighting Tower

The X-Eco HYBRID LITHIUM mobile lighting tower is an industry first in the latest Lithium hybrid technology and the most ecologically sustainable on the market without compromising on lighting safety and performance. Smart telematics comes as standard, including remote operating and monitoring to optimise flexibility and productivity. The 8.5m high 6 x 100W LED provides illumination for up to half a football pitch with a guaranteed silent running of 11.5-36 hours and a 3-hour rapid recharge. With total run time of 455 hours before refuelling and an average fuel consumption of 0.11l/hour, the Lithium Hybrid offers the most Eco solution in the market with a 94% reduction in fuel and CO₂ emissions.



The X-EcoHYBRID mobile lighting tower uses high-cycle AGM battery technology with generated power management to provide a longer operating time of 11-18 hours of silent green running on batteries, perfect for sites with restrictions on noise pollution.
The programmable smart hybrid power efficiency provides a fuel consumption equivalent to 0.23l/hour, with total run time of 965 hours before refuelling and fuel and CO₂ emissions savings of 88%.


X-ECO LED lighting tower

This X-Eco LED mobile lighting tower is easy to transport and locate, providing instant lighting for an area equivalent to half a football pitch. The easily operated extendable 8.5m hydraulic light mast has 6 x 150W LED lights with full 360° positioning to tailor site lighting and optimise onsite HSE compliance and productivity. With an Automatic Dusk-Dawn sensor, the efficient 3kVa generator has a fuel efficiency of 0.55l/hour, providing lighting for up to 200 hours between refuel intervals up to 73% saving in fuel and CO₂ emissions.